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The Warrior is one of four playable classes in Cube World.


Warriors are unstoppable Melee Brawlers and "Damage tanks". Knockdown Specialists. Made for close-range combat and absorbing loads of damage. They wear heavy armor and can wield swords, axes, maces, shields, greatswords, greataxes and greatmaces.


You start with a heavy weapon that takes a while to swing but hits hard and has a 3 hit combo. A down swing that takes a second to happen, a poke for less damage then an upswing that has a chance to KO. But I suggest using dual one handed or shield and sword as they hit faster and so build your attack speed quicker.


Warriors can choose between Berserker and Guardian.

Specialisation Description Passive Bonus
The Berserker specialisation's icon.
The Berserker is a melee class who gains attack speed on hit. This allows you to ramp not only the raw damage the combo counter provides but overall damage faster than a defender because you hit quicker and quicker. Berserker Rage: Your attack speed is increased with each hit.

◊ to ◊◊◊◊◊ Difficulty Level

The Guardian specialisation's icon.
Guardians withstand the hardest attacks and biggest enemy crowds. They're well suited to avert damage from allies. Toughness Your health is increased by 25HP (this is probably a coding error and should be 25% like in the alpha)
Elusiveness: Your shield block lasts twice as long as normal. Additionally, you can parry damage with all weapons.

◊ to ◊◊◊◊◊ Difficulty Level


Skill Description
Battle Fury Lasts for 8 Sec.
After engaging combat this buff will get activated (best with multiple enemies)

Battle fury buff makes you life steal on attack, increases damage, makes your specialattack charge instantly and greatly reduces incoming damage. Can be re-proc'd, while active.

Your life steal is directly based on the amount of damage you're dealing.

Smash (MB3)
100 Stam. (all)
The Smash skill's icon.
You jump to the selected spot and stun nearby enemies. It's the strongest attack, it deals massive damage, but consumes 100 stamina. Meaning you can't roll after using it so be careful you don't miss, because you can't spin or roll away.
Cyclone (Shift)
25 Stam. (1/4)
The Cyclone skill's icon.
Holding Shift is your Cyclone. It blocks attacks through a block gauge that gradually fills constantly when not actively holding block with a shield and allows you to deal constant damage to enemies around you.
Cyclone Boost

(Shift + Jump)

25 Stam. (1/4)

Movement/jump boost. Horizontal and vertical.
Rocket Fist (R)


20 Sec. Cooldown
The War Frenzy skill's icon.
You charge in a straight line forward airborne and stun all targets that get hit.

You can also cancel it if you don't want to fly the whole distance with a well timed roll or by charging your rightclick. You can use it for raw damage, potion interruption, crowd smashing, or disengage.

Heroic Shout


30 Sec. Cooldown
The Bulwark skill's icon.
You taunt all nearby enemies in a small radius (5m)

Heal over time ( 50% of you Maximum HP) (5% per Tick) (10 Ticks)

(Taunted enemies glow red)



A Personal comment

The Berserker suffers maybe a bit more than your rogue, ranger or mage at first. Given that you need to be able to get in there to deal damage to get "fired up" but he lacks as many of the ranged or surprise/skill benefits of other classes to cheese mobs who are out of his league as if he's in range to attack, they're in range to attack you. So choose your fights carefully, and consider using a shield so you can get the extra layer of using your charge attack to block attacks at least at first until you get some survivability, then you can switch to some dualswords and just count on getting Battle fury activated to live, tank and kill at the same time while having a jolly good time. A rock fist out and a spin jump over the nearest obstacle and a potion also works too.