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The Teleport skill's icon.

Teleport is a Mage skill, able to be used by both the Fire Mage and the Water Mage specialisations. It is triggered with the Middle Mouse Button


The Teleport skill involves the Player performing a very short casting animation which, upon completion, moves the Mage forward 60 blocks instantaneously (needs verification for beta). Teleport will not allow the Mage to pass through solid blocks and will terminate prematurely if its path is obstructed. If Teleport is cast upward or otherwise targeting empty space, the Mage appears safely on the ground directly beneath the end of the spell's trajectory. Teleport is very useful for dodging slow yet painful attacks and for fleeing from mobs. It may also be used to quickly ascend steep cliffs or walls which may otherwise be difficult to climb, or to negate fall damage when descending from great heights.


The skill has a base cost of 100 mana