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Smash.png Smash is the Warrior's first skill, able to be learned by both specs (Berserker and Guardian). Since Smash is one of the first skills; only one point needs to be put into Smash to be able to learn and use it.


The Smash skill involves the Player jumping to a targeted spot (in the direction the Player is aiming and within a limited distance) and smashing enemies with an area of effect - dealing a high amount of damage and applying a stun debuff. This skill is extremely useful for initiating battles, due to the fact it can stun enemies. It can be useful especially when fighting groups of Witches and Wizards, because once they are stunned, they will not use their laser attack for a while.


Skill points put into this skill will go towards reducing the cooldown of the skill.

QuestionMark.PNG Trivia

  • In an old version of Cube World, Smash seemed to be the Warrior's second skill. Instead, the first skill seemed to be Intercept, and the third skill (for the Berserker) had an icon similar to that of the Warrior's double-sword main attack, except that the background was red instead of purple.
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