Shuriken Attack.png Shuriken Attack is the Rogue's third skill, able to be learned by the Ninja specialisation but not the Assassin specialisation. Five points need to be put into Sneak to learn Shuriken Attack.


The Shuriken Attack skill is very similar to the Ranger's Retreat skill, in that the Player will leap quite a distance backwards, however, Shuriken Attack is also an offensive skill. Upon using Shuriken Attack the Player will throw five shurikens towards where they are aiming, whilst backflipping backwards. This attack allows the Player to dish out a decent bit of damage as they retreat, which could be enough to tip a fight entirely. This skill is useful for gaining distance from an enemy before starting to drink a potion, as it will take the Player out of melee range.


Skill points put into this skill will go towards reducing the cooldown of the skill as well as increasing the duration of the stealth.

QuestionMark.PNG Trivia

  • It should be noted that the shurikens are not thrown to the place the Player was aiming at when they activated the skill, but they are thrown where the Player is aiming in general. Meaning if the Player does not account for the change in position with their aim it is likely they will miss most of their shurikens.
  • It should also be noted that, similarly to the Ranger's Retreat skill, "Back" is defined by the direction the Player is facing - meaning the Player will jump away from the direction the cursor is facing, not the direction the Player model is facing. (For example, if the Player is running East and looking North, then uses their Shuriken Attack skill, they will jump towards the South.)
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