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Shops are businesses in Cube World that you can sell and buy items from.


Shops are located in a cities Trade District. Each of the Shops has an NPC that provides different services - a Vendor. Three of them will sell Weapons, Armour and miscellaneous Items (and have a very suggestive name) as well as buy any items, while the Identifier only identifies Leftoves. Items sold to Shops can be taken back, buy for the amount of money the Vendor offered.

Item Prices


Item Price Notes
Weapons Varies Depends on Power Level and Rarity.
Armour Varies Depends on Power Level and Rarity, up to even a Gold Coin.
Parrot Feather 2 Copper Coins None
Radish Slice 2 Copper Coins None
Onion Slice 2 Copper Coins None
Ginseng Root 2 Copper Coins None
Heart Flower 2 Copper Coins None
Cotton Ball 2 Copper Coins None
Cobweb 2 Copper Coins None
Log 2 Copper Coins None
Plant Fiber 2 Copper Coins None
Prickly Pear 2 Copper Coins None

CAUTION: Items sold to any shop will immediately disappear; it is not possible to "buy back" (i.e. cancel) a trade you have already committed. Only sell things you are sure you want to get rid of!

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