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Runners are large two-legged birds that bear a vague resemblance to neckless cassowaries or ostriches. There are several distinct types of Runners, found in different Landscapes. The Plain Runner can be found in most landscapes where other Runners live and spawns in groups. It can be tamed with a Milk Chocolate Bar(which is not to be confused with the White Chocolate Bar). The Snow Runner inhabits Snowlands and can be tamed with a White Chocolate Bar. The Leaf Runners live in Jungles and on Islands and like Mint Chocolate Bars and the Desert Runner spawns in Deserts and can be tamed with a Caramel Chocolate Bar. Runners are aggressive and will attack the player on sight (unless the Player has their respective chocolate bar in hand) and are characterized by their high attack speed and fast running speed. With the exception of the Plain Runner, Runners can pose some amount of trouble to low-level players with their moderate damage per second and level. However, players about level 5 to 10 and up can easily dispatch Runners found in the wild.

Desert Runner Leaf Runner
Plain Runner Snow Runner

A Plain Runner

A Leaf Runner

A Desert Runner

A Snow Runner

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