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Ruins are instances of above-ground Dungeons which come in two varieties: Overworld Ruins and Dungeon Ruins.

Dungeon Ruins are basically Castles with visible damage to the various structures.

Overworld Ruins appear as a scattering of white buildings with Greco-Roman decor. There is also a Jungles variant of this type. Unlike Dungeon Ruins, there is no interior to explore.

They use the following naming schemes:

  • "Ruins of ________"
  • "Ancient Ruins of ________"


Jungles variant Overworld Ruins

Dungeon Ruins

normal Overworld Ruins

Canyon • Castle • Catacomb • Cave • Citadel • Den • Fort • Island • Lake • Mountain • Pyramid • Giant Rock • Temple • Giant Tree • Valley • Forest • Dungeon • Mana Pump • Mana Tree