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The Retreat skill's icon.

Retreat is the Ranger's second skill, able to be learned by both specs (Sniper and Scout). Five points need to be put into Kick to be able to learn Retreat.


The Retreat skill involves the Player performing a short jump backwards in order to increase distance between the player and enemy. This ability is useful for dodging attacks or (as the name would suggest) starting to retreat from an unwinnable fight. This skill can also come in handy in order to gain distance before starting to drink a potion as it puts the Player out of range of an enemy's melee attacks.


Skill points put into this skill will go towards reducing the cooldown of the skill as well as the distance of the jump.


  • It should be noted that "Back" is defined by the direction the Player is facing - meaning the Player will jump away from the direction the cursor is facing, not the direction the Player model is facing. (For example, if the Player is running East and looking North, then uses their Retreat skill, they will jump towards the South.)