The Ranger is a ranged class that wears medium armor and uses a variety of ranged weapons. The benefit of this class compared to other classes is you can attack enemies from a distance. The downside is that you have lower-grade armor, meaning you can be incapacitated more easily.

Usable Weapons:

Usable Armor:

Both specializations have the same Normal Attack and Special Attack. Additionally the first two skills are the same regardless of the specialization.

  • Kick - You repulse all enemies in melee range with a bold kick. Enemies can be stunned with the kick. How strong your kick is determines how far it pushes the enemies away. The chance of stunning them depends on the strength difference between you and your enemy.
  • Retreat - You jump back to seek shelter.


Focuses on precision aiming and long-range attacks. Utilizes the stealth system to deal a massive amount of damage as a surprise attack. Although featuring high damage, Snipers have below-average attack speed.



  • Hit Series (Passive) - Your attack speed is increased with each hit.
  • Aim - You lie down and camouflage yourself in stealth. Stealth increases damage, critical strike chance, and regenerates MP. Movement cancels the effect.


Focuses on speed and mobility, as well as boasting a high attack speed with average damage. Useful for rushing ahead of the group and implementing hit & run tactics.



  • Intuition (Passive) - Your attacks have a chance to make your next special attack instantly chargeable.
  • Scout's Swiftness - You move and attack faster for 10 seconds.