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The Ranger is one of the four currently playable classes in Cube World.


Rangers are a ranged class that can use bows, crossbows and boomerangs to attack their enemies from a distance. Their specializations are Sniper and Scout. They can wear Linen and Medium Armor.


Rangers can choose between the Sniper and Scout specializations.

Specialisation Description Passive Bonus
The Sniper specialisation's icon.
Snipers use range to their advantage to eliminate their enemies with powerful, aimed shots. Hit Series: Your attack speed is increased with each hit.

◊ to ◊◊◊◊◊ Difficulty Level

The Ninja specialisation's icon.
Scouts are swift ranged combatants that fight their enemies with quick attacks. Intuition: Your attacks have a chance to make your next special attack instantly chargeable.

◊ to ◊◊◊◊◊ Difficulty Level


Rangers used to have four exclusive skills that could be unlocked via leveling and spending skill points towards the Ranger skill tree; two of these skills were specific to the Player's specialization. As skills were unlocked, they would automatically be placed in the Player's hotbar where they could be activated by pressing the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys.

With the new full release, the Rangers skills have increased to six, though they are divided into three per specialization. The four ols skills where kept with the full release although altered and mostly buffed compared to how they used to work. The only one that had a major change was the skill Scout's Swiftness. It used to be a time based skill that increased the speed of every action the player would do e.g. faster riding speed, faster attack speed, faster hang gliding speed etc.(crafting, falling and skill recharge speed was not affected), the altered and new version of this skill is now Sprint, which only affects movement speed and jumping height at the cost of stamina instead of a 10 second period of super fast actions and a long recharge timer.

The Ranger's skills are as follows:

Specialization Skill Description


Camouflages the player and charges the MP bar at the cost of movement speed.

(not moving and mouse 3)

You jump back and enter full stealth mode, at the cost of 100 stamina.

Shadow Shooter


Spawn a shadow clone of yourself to aid you in battle.

(hold Lshift)

Hold left shift to increase your speed at the cost of stamina. Jumping while sprinting causes you to jump significantly higher than usual.

(not moving and mouse 3)

You repulse all enemies in melee range with a bold kick. Enemies can be stunned thereby. This costs 50 stamina.

Quicksand Trap


You deploy a quicksand trap that hinders enemies movements and they sink a litle bit into the ground.


  • New Abilities are going to be added for Rangers. (implemented)
    • Snipers will be able to summon Shadow Shooters, which mimic all moves and attacks of the players who summoned them.
    • Rangers will be able to use Quicksand Trap, which will block them for a while and allow the player to damage the enemies.


  • As a Ranger, get as far as can from your melee targets so that you deal as much Damage as possible.
  • Rangers, along with Mages, have an easier time defeating Wizards and Witches because they can get far away from them and still hit.
  • If using the Sniper specialization one can use the sneak skill to avoid high level enemies and bosses to avoid an unnecessary death.
    • While sneaking the player can charge its charge attack due to the MP bar charging while invisible. This can be used to surprise attack a target and stun them while the player can safely walk backwards while shooting the target and lowering the health considerably before the player will be able to take any damage from the target.
      • If a high tier weapon(four or five star) is used will the charge attack kill the target or leave it to be one-shot if not a boss or under ground(like radishlings etc. can be as defense).


  • A Ranger Elf appears on the Cube World launcher.