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Missions are quests in Cube World.


several types of missions are currently known, whether in a different way as removing a boss or clearing an enemy area, the purpose is usually the same for each region (it is not certain that in all regions all available missions are found), in the more complete map, we can find 4 gnome locations, 4 crafting book locations, 8 articles and some artifact. Other missions are likely to gain power (circle of power), to stop the draining of mana (mana pumping), free the inhabitants of the region from a possession or petrification among others. We also find missions that are reset daily, have a sword on top of their name and are just to earn some item and some extra money

Missions are obtained by speaking with NPCs or coming into contact with the object or enemies present and are currently either straightforward killing or artifact quests.

The missions will be displayed on your World Map and their difficulty will either be displayed by Stars as default or just color coded.