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The Mana Shield skill's icon.

Mana Shield is the Mage's second skill, able to be learned by both the Fire Mage and the Water Mage specialisations. Five points will need to be put into Fire Explosion or Healing Stream to use Mana Shield.


The Mana Shield skill involves the Player instantaneously surrounding themselves with (as the name suggests) a shield of mana. This casting is instantaneous and has no animation. This Mana Shield protects the Player from some incoming damage until it is depleted or expires due to time. The shield appears as a bubble of dark purple/blue-ish particles that surround the mage from the bottom and rise around them this could give off both the impression of fire and water due to the movement and colour of the particles respectively. The Mana Shield will last for 30 seconds and will absorb an amount of damage equal to a percentage of the Player's health before it shatters.


Skill points put into this skill will go towards reducing the cooldown of the skill as well as increasing the amount of damage absorbed by the shield.


  • The skill's cooldown is shorter than its duration even with only a single skill point invested in it, allowing it to be kept active indefinitely outside of battle as long as it is continually refreshed. It may be kept active in this way as a passive defense against weaker opponents, or it may be kept in reserve to absorb a single more powerful attack. If an attack is completely absorbed by the shield, it will not apply any knockback effects it may otherwise have to the mage.