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The Mana Pump is a dungeon that rewards the player with gold, equipment of the same rarity as the dungeon or 1 star higher, a chance to receive a gemstone, and the reduction of mana absorption in the world.

The Mana Pump, taken from one of the inductor branches.

Dungeon Layout[]

The mana inductor becomes destructible when the boss guarding it is defeated.

The Mana Pump consists of the main pump and 4 mana inductors. The main boss will only spawn after the 4 mini-bosses have been defeated. When the main boss is defeated, the mana pump becomes destructible. Destroying the main mana pump completes the mission and drops all the rewards.

There are a total of 4 mana inductors that the player must destroy with a mini-boss protecting each mana inductor. The main Mana Pump is protected by the final boss.


The Mana Pump is under control by the Steel Empire and is thus surrounded by Steel Empire enemies. The enemies will only spawn within the circumference that the four mana inductors create.


  • The mini-bosses and final boss will be located next to the inductors and pumps which are high up and provide a very limited space to fight. Luring them off of these platforms and on to the ground will provide a greater expanse that allows you to kite and attack from far away. Bosses can be lured off either by aggroing them off of the tower, or waiting for them to tumble off when preparing for an attack.
  • The player must first unlock the Climbing Spikes in order to be able to climb up to destroy the Pump and inductors as well as claim the loot. If the player doesn't have the Climbing Spikes, the hang glider can be used to fly onto the pump depending on the surrounding area.