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The Mage is one of four playable classes in Cube World.


First thing to mention however is a rather major difference when it comes to mages. Instead of generating mana on attack or through other means like stealth/evasion mages generate mana relatively rapidly over time up to the maximum 100 (at 100% Manaregeneration). Your mana is used for your various spells, in varying amounts including your rightclick attack which consumes 30 of it. They wear light armor and can use Staves, Bracelets and Wands.


Mages can choose between being a Fire Mage and being a Water Mage.

Specialization Description Passive Bonus
Fire Mage
The Fire Mage specialisation's icon.
Fire Mages are Ranged DPS, knockdown specialist with Artillery.

They are glass cannons, Deal a LOT of damage but does not

have stong armor.

Fire Spark: Your attacks have a chance to make your next special attack a free instant cast. Consumes no mana.
Water Mage
The Water Mage specialisation's icon.
Water Mages are the only class that can heal allies. With clever positioning and good mana-management, your allies will have a great time in combat. Also viable in singleplayer mode. Torrent: Your attack speed is increased with each hit.


Mages currently have four class abilities abilities; two of these skills are specific to the Player's specialization. The Mage's skills are as follows (skill names can be clicked for a more detailed description):

Default Keybind Skill Description
Shift + MB1
Fire Explosion - Fire Mage
You cast a powerful explosion, that burns close enemies and knocks them back. Has a chance to stun enemies.
Healing Stream - Water Mage
You cast a stream of magic water to heal yourself and nearby allies.
Shift + MB2
Healing Stream - Water Mage You cast a stream of magic water to heal allies, that are further away. You can heal allies near your cursor by using Shift + RMB instead.
Shift Float * While holding Shift, the player will hover off the ground, allowing for the use of different skills and movement options. Float can be held

indefinitely. Can float upwards if combined with the spacebar.

Bubbles **
You create bubbles around your character that latch onto enemies and detonate when damage is dealt. They lose potency over time.

When they "pop" they do splash AoE healing to you and allies.

Fire Missiles
You cast several fireballs, that deal massive amount of AoE damage at the location you're aiming at. position can be moved while casting.
Tap MB3
You teleport to the selected location.

* Floating[]

  • Using float while in the air will slow the player's descent and negate any fall damage (if used near the ground).
  • Aerial Shift Spam - Repeatedly hitting Shift while in the air will lightly boost the player each tap and will allow the player to travel farther than by holding the key down. This is a known bug and will likely be patched in the future (source of previous attempt to fix it).
  • "Super Jump" - Hitting Space + Shift will launch the player up 15 blocks, allowing for easier climbing and additional height if combined with the Shift Spam and hang glider. (If having trouble performing, hitting Space slightly before Shift will produce the same effect)

** Bubbles. Pro tip: to avoid, getting poped by your pet, call it back with the whistle, then cast the spell.