Cube World Wiki

In Cube World, the world is made up of roughly equal sized lands. These lands, referred to as Landscapes are distinguished by their terrain, vegetation, and inhabitants. In other games they are often called Biomes, although the term is not actually used in this game.

While each landscape contains a variety of random terrain features, the overall theme throughout that landscape remains the same. For example while there may be hills and valleys and trees in both Deserts and Snowlands, each of those has a unique appearance in keeping with the landscape's theme. This means you won't find snow-laden trees in the former or palm trees in the latter, even though both landscapes have trees.

Each landscape is generated with a level reference number, and all creatures in it spawn at that level - with the exception of creatures inhabiting Dungeons and Bosses, which tend to spawn at a higher level. Landscape levels increase the further they are from the initial character starting position.

There can be multiple Cities in one landscape which are inhabited by friendly NPCs.

Region Lock[]

Armor, Weapons, Movement Items, and Instruments are locked to a region. Armor and weapons become very weak when outside of their region. Movement items and instruments do not work outside of their region. For example, an item locked to the Coria Plains will be fully usable in the Coria Plains, but not any region outside of it.

"Plus" items are denoted by a + after the name and only appear on weapons and armor. These specially marked items work at their normal strength in the regions bordering their base region in addition to their base region. For example, a "plus" item for the Coria Plains will be fully usable in the Coria Plains as well as the regions touching it, but will become weaker outside of it.

Each region has its own inventory. You can view the inventory for other regions by clicking the arrows at the bottom of the inventory.