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Items are objects that players can obtain in Cube World. Everything the player character picks up is stored in the Inventory. Items can be obtained as loot drops, from treasure chests or containers found in dungeons, as mission rewards, simply picked up from the ground, bought from shops, or crafted directly by the player.

Dropped items appear to be indestructible - Monsters ignore dropped items, and special attacks that can inflict terrain damage (such as by bosses) do not affect them either (beyond causing them to drop if the block underneath them was destroyed). Currently the only sure-fire method of getting rid of something is to sell it to a shop, or deleting the character it is on.

Item Types[]

There are several different types of items available to players.

  • Consumable items: These are one-shot use items, which include potions, food, and bombs. They are usually obtained by crafting although bombs are sold at Item Shops.
  • Equipment: These include weapons, armor, accessories, etc - basically everything seen on the Equipment tab of the inventory.
  • Pets: These are also considered as Items, as each pet is represented by a Pet Cage in the inventory. The Pets tab of the inventory also holds Pet Food.
  • Specials: Special items include tools like the hang glider, treasure spirit or the divine harp. These items are used to enhance transport and to access special areas. These items are exclusive to the regions of which they are found.
  • Artifacts: Artifacts are rare items that will give your character permanent buffs.
  • Ingredients: Ingredients are items that can be harvested from resource nodes found in the world. The ingredients are then used to create weapons, armours and consumables.

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Items can be dropped down on the ground and the game does appear to retain them for a time - it is possible to "trade" items between different characters in single player mode by dropping items on the ground then logging out to log in a different character into the same world. However, it is unknown how long this persistence lasts - there is anecdotal evidence of dropped items being despawned, although no testing has been recorded to see what triggers this.

To avoid losing items, it is best to assume everything dropped will disappear after a while. Therefore it is highly advisable to only drop items you wish to give to your other characters (which you should pick up immediately by logging them in), and items you want to get rid off (although you may as well sell them to a shop).