Cube World Wiki

The Inventory

The Inventory is where the character's items are stored and also where to change equipment. It is accessed either by pressing the hotkey (Default "B"), or by activating the menu bar (press 'ESC') and then clicking on the backpack icon: CubeWorld Backpack.png

The inventory has changed dramatically from the alpha versions. If you look at the image to the right you technically have "multiple" inventories, based on your region. When you open up your inventory it will default to your current region. Items not gathered in your current region will have there names grayed out and their effects/rarities canceled out almost entirely (This also applies to the item Leftovers).

Inventory Tabs[]

Each of the 6 inventory tabs holds different kinds of items.

CubeWorld Inv Equipment.png - Equipment: Equippable items.

Special Icon.png- Special: Regional items, that only work in its own region.

CubeWorld Inv Items.png - Items: Crafting formulas, leftovers, and candles.

CubeWorld Inv Ingredients.png - Ingredients: Crafting ingredients.

CubeWorld Inv Pets.png - Pets: Pets and pet food. Here is also where you equip pet food or a pet in the pet slot, instead of in the equipment tab.

Artifacts Icon.png- Artifacts: Items that work in all Regions and can help increase the player's stats

Equipping Items[]

Left-click or Right-click on a valid piece of equipment (the character meets the class requirement) and it will automatically be equipped in the appropriate equipment slot (if there is already something previously equipped it will be swapped out).