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"Identifier's Shop"
Shop Identify Banner.jpg
Vendor to sell and buy Leftovers.

The Identifier's Shop is a shop in Cube World.

"Have you found Leftovers? You should visit the Identifier!"



The Identifier's Shop is where players can identify LeftoversLeftovers.PNG for a price depending on the rarityRarity4.png and power of the Leftovers. This shop does not sell anything else and does not buy player items either. The Identifier's inventory is empty, until the player decides which LeftoversLeftovers.PNG to pay to have identified. The Shop can be found both on the Map and in the World because of the sign with a magnifying glass at the entrance.


Rare LeftoversBlueLeftovers.png. They have a chance of yielding an EpicRarity3.png item.

LeftoversLeftovers.PNG are lost pieces of equipment which were most likely lost by other adventurers. They are dropped by mobs and have rarities like weapons and armor except Common with colors matching the rarities. In order to be used, an Identifier must identify the LeftoversLeftovers.PNG for a price. LeftoversLeftovers.PNG can yield an item one tier above their rarity.