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A Giant Tree is among the simplest of natural terrain Dungeons. It is impossible to mistake it with generic trees by its gigantic size and the way it dominates the skyline, visible from a long distance. The Monsters which guard it can be found around the giant tree for a short distance and not just on the actual Tree itself. Since falling out of the giant tree is a real possibility when attempting to battle the Boss, luring it down and out of the giant tree and fighting it on firm ground is definitely a good idea.

They use the following naming schemes:

  • "________ Tree"


  • Giant Trees resemble baobabs: they get thinner at the top and have a wide crown.
  • They are made up of crowns of different normal sized trees. Because of that, some of their leaves float.
  • On the map, their leaves appear to be falling, Despite them not having any falling leaves in the game.
  • Giant Trees have hidden roots that go down into the ground. This can be seen when the Tree spawns above a cave or on a mountain(see 5th picture).


Giant Tree sighted in Snowlands

A Giant Tree

Giant Tree near oasis

Giant Tree as seen on mini-map

A Tree in the Lavalands

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