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Giant Rocks are natural terrain-type Dungeons, which appear as massive rock formations that tower over everything in the vicinity and are impossible to miss. They are usually very tricky to climb, and often impossible without high Climbing ability or a Mage's teleport. Their top surface area tends to be fairly small, however, with the Boss immediately apparent lying in wait at the center. The top of the rock matches its landscape (green with trees for Grasslands, snowy for Snowlands and so on).

They use the following naming schemes:

  • "Rock of ________"


  • Rivers can go through Rocks and delete the blocks above the water (6 at most). If this happens, the ruler of the rock and some enemies can spawn under it.
  • If the Rock is on a river, it will be much smaller then a normal one.


A Giant Rock seen from a distance.

A Giant Rock on the mini-map.

A Rock in the lavalands, following the pattern of the ground.

The Boss and some enemies spawned on the river going through the Rock. The rest of them are on top.

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