Cube World Wiki

Seeds are used in Cube World to create a new World. Every seed will result in the same World. If you use the seed 26879 (which is the default multiplayer seed) it will always result in the same map.

Moving from World to World[]

When you choose a character to add to your world, it will have all the items, level and pets it did on the previous map.

So you can hop from map to map while working on leveling your character. Usually, this is used for Boss grinding.

List of Seeds by Content[]

If you find any good seeds and want to share please write the seed with a description.

Note that some seeds might be for older versions of the Game.

Pet Food[]

Pet Food Seeds Pet
Bubblegum 7, 10, 20, 68, 373, 707 Collie
Candy 3, 9, 13, 115 Cat
Carrot 19, 404, 754, 13375 Bunny
Chocolate Donut 0, 14, 16, 23, 25 Mole
Cotton Candy 1, 4, 12, 17, 26 Sheep
Waffle 5, 8, 11, 15, 1397 Terrier


Class Rarity Power Type Seed
Mage Yellow 64 Staffs 264101524

Crafting Formula[]

Class Rarity Power Type Seed
Warrior Blue 52 Shield 0



Seed Information
414 There is a cave North-West of spawn with three Iron Deposits.
530 Go directly north-west from spawn and ignore the boss encounter (lanlon valley) till you get to a mountain range heading north-south. In a cave there will be 3 iron and 1 gold






Seed Information
143910347 South-West of spawn is a large opening behind a rock. Inside is an Emerald Deposit.
9999 Go into the first cave West of spawn. There will be an Emerald Deposit.
314159 South-West of spawn is a large rock. A cave is near it with an Emerald Deposit at the entrance.
4951 Go East around 3 chunks then go into the cave in the mountain. There is one Emerald Deposit in that cave.
49 Directly North-East of spawn is a cave with two Emerald Deposits.
0 Explore the Mountain Chain you spawned near. You will find three Emerald Deposits, along with other ores.
73209 The Ikolon Canyon(South of City) and the Mountains around it contain Gold, Iron, Sapphire and two Emerald Deposits.


Seed Information
73209 The Ikolon Canyon(South of City) and the Mountains around it contain Gold, Iron, Emerald and a Sapphire Deposit in the West.
55555 SW of spawn town is a cave with a sapphire deposit


Seed Information
530 West of the City is Lanlon Valley. There is a Ruby Deposit in a cave from its Southern edges.
49 Directly North-East of spawn is a cave with a Ruby Deposit.


Seed Information
34564 Cave midway up hill immediately South-East of spawn.


Seed Information
73209 The Ikolon Canyon(South of City) and the Mountains around it contain Gold, Iron, Emerald and a Sapphire Deposit.
57 There is a cave North-West of spawn with six Iron Deposits, two Gold Deposits and two Emerald Deposits

Dungeons and Castles[]

If not otherwise noted the location should be in the starting region.

Info Seed Location
Tier 2-4 loot 8675309 South West of spawn, Ruins of Ikola contain Undeads +4, Skullbulls and Beetles.
More than 10 castles 66666 ???
Spawn near 3 dungeons 4215864 ???
2 castles, tree and catacomb 405517260 Near spawn.
3 dungeons 00012 South of starting town
4 Dungeons, Collie at Spawn 8431789 ???
Catacombs with +4 mobs 99999 South East of the Starting City
Mountain with +4 mobs, +70 drops 300 South of the starting city. Credits Serrh & Bomil
Catacomb 100 Directly east of the spawn town, past the sword objective
Orc+2 castle +42-49 rare and epic 108 directly west from starting city, past Kurtar mountains
Good XP 70-90 Tier 4 stuff 1234567890 Narden Canyon, East of spawn city
Forest with +4 mobs and +92-99 drops 169169169 Go to Lanmi Forest, west of Selon City, passing throught Teroden Canyon

For Beginners[]

For New Players 12345 Has mines!


Biome Seeds Location
Desert 26879 West of spawn, desert can be found.
Jungle 9071985 Head east from spawn location, you will find a Jungle Biome.
Grasslands 1 Map is allegedly nothing but Grassland.
Lava Lands 7777 East from the first spawn town.
Ocean 420 Head north from first town.
Multi-Biome 9876543 South, North, East snow lands, North east ocean, West Lava Land
Snow and Lava 782013 To the southwest of spawn is a snow biome, and a lava biome on the other side of it.

Notable Creatures[]


Boss Mob Seed Information
Alpaca 530 Go directly North-West of spawn. You will most likely hear it battling with another normal Alpaca.
Cormling 314159 Cormling Boss North-East of spawn.
Bark Beetle 42135 On the hill North-West of spawn is a Bark Beetle Boss with smaller Bark Beetles.
Bark Beetle 0 Bark Beetle Boss on the North-Western peak.
Spitter and Crab 2013 Directly North from spawn town 8 map blocks. These are low lvl.
Turtle 4856, 17091987, 9181990 and 1 Puts a turtle right in front of you
Slime 264960028 Head west of town to a canyon full of undead and at least one slime of each color (power 1)
Saurian 24 Go into town, then look North West. You'll see two battle icons, the one to the right is a troll, the one to the left is a Saurian. Troll is power 20, the Saurian is power 26.
Pig 21897 Pig is right at spawn
Sheep 8008 Head north from spawn
Squirrel 9 Squirrel is right at spawn
Insect Guard 65432 Head north from spawn


Mob Seed Information
Raccoon 123456789 A Raccoon attacks you after spawning.
Bunny 100 West of spawn is a group of Bunnies.
Lemon Beetle 3131 A Lemon Beetle group attacks you at spawn.
Snout Beetle 414 Group of Snout Beetles North of spawn.
Cow 135246 A Group of Cows is West of spawn.
Radishling 4973 A Radishling attacks you at spawn.
Peacock 4973 North-East of spawn is a Peacock.
Insect Guard 73209 An Insect Guard attacks you after spawning.
3 in one 10987654321 You spawn near a group of Bunnies, Chickens and a Raccoon

Multiplayer Default Seed[]

  • The Thaldar Mountains are by far the most rich in ore mountains. There was easily at least 10 emerald deposits, and a lot of silver and gold.
  • To the west of Spawn Point is the desert area.
  • West of the town is a castle with +4s