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A Forest viewed from above.

Forests are natural groups of trees found in all Landscapes.

Types of Forests[]

Forests are mainly perceived as Dungeons ruled by aggressive Mobs. There are, however, many Generic Forests spawned through specific Landscapes like Greenlands, Snowlands or Jungles.

Dungeon Forests[]

These Forests contain Mobs like Lizardmen and Moles. These are named in the same way as "Duragar Forest" or "Vardara Forest". These Forests have many Campsites. The terrain is often made up from Mountains and the trees in there spawn really close together, making the canopies connect, consequently not allowing light to pass.

Some of the NPCs that guard the Forest stay in one spot, usually near a Campfire, while others walk around a path, ignoring invisible players. Diffrent Forests may have different enemies. This means that Forests can also be categorized depending on the mobs that reside in them. For instance, there are Forests with Insektoids, Flies and Mosquitoes.

List of Forest Types:

Type of Forest Residing Mobs Boss
Insect Insektoids, Flies and Mosquitoes Insektoid
Animal (I) Lizardmen, Crows, Moles, Pigs and Biters Lizardman
Animal (II) Goblins, Crows, Moles, Pigs and Biters Goblin
Undead Undeads, Zombies, Skeletons, Frighteners, Vampires and Slimes Undead
Orc Orcs, Collies, Terriers, Pigs and Ogres Orc
Human Humans, Minotaurs, Werewolves, Collies, Black Cats and Jesters Human
Beetle Bark Beetles, Lemon Beetles and Snout Beetles Bark Beetle / Lemon Beetle / Snout Beetle
Dwarf Dwarves, Moles and Rocklings Dwarf

Generic Forests[]

These Forests have no main purpose except for esthetics. They can be Birch, Pine or Normal Tree forests, though this does not affect what Mobs spawn there. They can be very wide and often appear on the map as a cluster of voxels of a color depending on the type of tree. (A Birch Tree has lime leaves, so on the map, a Birch Tree Forest would appear lime as well.)

An example of a Generic Pine Tree Forest, with some other trees mixed in.


  • Because Forest and Giant Forest Biomes will be implemented (as well as Enchanted Forests), Dungeon Forests will be called "Woods", like "Galan Wood", for example.
    • Additionally, some Forests may have a Giant Tree in the center.
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