Ember Golem

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Ember Golem
Ember Golem
Lava Lands

The Ember Golem is a boss Mob in Cube World.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ember Golems are big giants made of clay and stone. They use rocks and their body to crush their enemies. They are exclusively found in the Lava Lands.

ParrotFeather.PNGAppearance[edit | edit source]

Golems are giant creatures made from Clay and Stone. The Ember Golem's main color is brown, and its body has cracks filled with magma. Its dark eyes have red glowing pupils with their lower jaw longer than the upper one. Their body bears some resemblance to the Troll.

Crossed Swords (Mission).pngBattling[edit | edit source]

Ember Golems have 3 different powerful attacks, 2 melee and a ranged one. Combined with its usual high level, this makes a powerful monster. When starting a battle, the Golem will usually perform a roll towards the enemy. It can be predicted as the Golem will look at its enemy and lean backwards. Its other melee attack is an AoE Smash attack, which is similar to that of the Warrior, in the sense that it stuns enemies, but has no cooldown and can be used three times in quick succession.

Its ranged attack is a rock throw. The Golem grabs a rock and throws it at the player. Note that the rock is not affected by gravity and will not change direction. It will despawn after travelling a certain distance. All its attacks will stun the player, so dodging them all is advised.

Its Smash attack is the most dangerous, as it is totally unpredictable and if the player is caught with less than 3 rolls available, they will not be able to dodge all the attacks.

QuestionMark.PNGTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Ember Golem's element is Rock and Fire, its opposite being the Snow Golem, whose element is Ice and (probably) Rock.
  • Golems are mythical creatures magically brought to life from inanimate objects(in this case, clay, stone, magma and ice).
  • The Ember Golem has no weakness towards Water/Water Mage attacks, nor is it strong against Fire attacks.
  • The Rock a Golem throws looks like an Iron Deposit.
  • While the Ember Golem itself is considered a Boss Mob, there is actually a boss variant of it that glows purple, is stronger and bigger. Considering the toughness of a normal Ember Golem, it could be the most powerful mob currently in the game.
    • Here you can see a video of it. The seed is 1000 and the Golem is West of spawn.

PlantPot.PNGGallery[edit | edit source]

Ember Golem Boss near Orcs for size comparison

Image result for ember golem cubeworld

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