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Daggers are a weapon category in Cube World. They are short blades that resemble small swords.


The simplest weapon in the game and deal the least amount of damage (but more than a bare fist) and are used by the Ninja and Assassin classes. Two daggers can be equipped at the same time. Their special attack is a powerful strike that poisons the target. They can also be wielded with a fist.


Image Name Level Damage Hit Points Attack Power Resistance Critical Haste Regeneration
52px Battered Iron Dagger 1 Star 2.5 30.5 0.1% 0.1%
52px Shabby Iron Dagger+ 1 Star 2.1 22.4 0% 0.1%
52px Unwieldy Iron Dagger 1 Star 2.8 30.2 0% 0.3%
52px Used Iron Dagger 1 Star 2.1 23.8 0.2%