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Customization Bench

A Customization Bench, found at the Smithy in the Crafting District of a City, is a crafting tool that lets players upgrade their characters' Weapons (not Armor).

Weapons are upgraded by attaching Cubes to give them extra stats. The customization bench will automatically display only the valid type of cubes depending on the selected weapon. While being customized, the weapon can be rotated by holding down Middle Mouse Button and moving the mouse, so that you can better position where to place the next cube.

Customization example 1

Customization example 2

Material Matching[]

The Material Cube used for upgrading must match the weapon's base material - for example since Staves appear to be made of wood upgrading them requires Wood Cubes; on the other hand Swords, being metal, are upgraded with Iron Cubes.

Spirit Cube Upgrading Level Cap[]

Spirit Cubes used for upgrading must be at the same level as the weapon, or within 10 levels less (not more). For example, a weapon of power level +11 can only be upgraded with cubes of power between 1 to 11.

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