Cube World VI: Lost In Space, or more commonly known as Cube World: Lost In Space, is the sixth installation of the Cube World series. It continues from Cube World Extreme.


Cube Guy's son, Sonny Cube, goes to MI6 and asks where his dad is. Cube Guy had been gone over the proposed time of two days in space, and Sonny was very worried. The man in charge sends him off to space into the alien spaceship, where his father had been. He soon meets a Sporax, presses a switch, and a trapdoor opens, where the Sporax falls through into a pool of greeny liquid. When the Sporax gets out, albeit being green, he turns out to be bigger and fiercer than he was before. Sonny escapes, and outwits a worm-like creature, until he finds out the Earth invasion will be starting in 90 minutes. After struggling through many levels, he finds Cube Guy trapped in a robot suit. When he finally rescues his dad, it's too late. Cube Guy was killed. They have a funeral, with Cube Guy's best friends, and the part ends.

The link to the game is right here: [1]