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Cubes in Cube World generally refer to the cube-shaped inventory items used in Crafting.

There are 2 types of cubes - Material Cubes and Spirit Cubes. Material Cubes are generally easier to obtain since they are refined from mined or harvested items (which simply need to be found), but Spirit Cubes are very hard to get because they are typically loot droops from Bosses (which need to be defeated).

Material Cubes[]

Material Cubes are refined from raw materials acquired in the game world. You can upgrade a weapon with a Material Cube if the weapon is made from the same material, e.g. Bows require Wood Cubes, Swords require Iron Cubes, and so on.

An Iron Cube.

A Silver Cube.

Material Cubes

Spirit Cubes[]

an Unholy Spirit

Spirit Cubes cannot be created; they are loot drops from Bosses or dungeon treasures, but they have a stronger effect than Material Cubes. They can be used in any weapon, causing different effects depending on the type of Spirit Cube.

Spirit Cube Effects[]

  • Wind Spirit: Increases attack and movement speed of the weapon, consequently of the player too.
  • Ice Spirit: Lowers attack and movement speed of the target.
  • Fire Spirit: Adds an additional fire damage to a weapon.
  • Unholy Spirit: Deals damage to the target and heals the player.
Spirit Cubes