Cube World Wiki

CubeWorld F1 controls.png

Control Action Description
1-4 Use Skill A character's class-based skills are automatically assigned to one of these four keys. Pressing a key will activate the corresponding ability.
W A S D Move Character movement is controlled using the standard WASD control scheme.

W - Forward

A - Left

S - Back

D - Right

Note that A and D will strafe instead of turn the character.

M1 / Left Click Normal Attack Performs the basic attack for the currently equipped weapon.
M2 / Right Click Special Attack Performs the special attack for the currently equipped weapon.
M3 / Scroll Wheel Dodge / Zoom Clicking the scroll wheel will perform a dodge or roll. Scrolling the wheel will zoom the camera in and out.
E Pick up Picks up the item being looked at and places it in the inventory.
R Interact Interact with an NPC, Item, Pet, furniture or crafting tool.
Space Jump Makes the character jump. Must be performed while standing on a flat surface or ledge - it is not possible to jump while climbing.
Ctrl Climb Hold the Control key to climb a vertical surface using the forward (W) and back (S) keys.
Q Use Quick Item The Quick Item is shown in the last slot on the right in the Hot Bar (the slot marked 'Q'):

CubeWorld Hot Bar.png

Tab Change Quick Item Pulls up the Quick Select wheel for changing the Quick Item.
Shift Walk, Free Aim Slows movement speed to a walk.
Esc Menu Brings up a menu icon bar. Each of the available commands already has a hotkey, this is merely for reference.

CubeWorld menu.png

F1 Help Displays the Controls quick reference chart (pictured above).
F Toggle Light Toggles the currently equipped lamp on or off.
G Use Special Item Actives the equipped special item, currently either the Hang Glider or Boat.
T Call Pet Calls the active pet back from attacking.
X Skills Displays the character's class skills dialog box.
C Crafting Displays the Crafting dialog box.
V Toggle HP Bars Toggles whether HP bars are displayed. Currently default to 'off' every time the game is launched.
B / I Inventory Displays the inventory.
M World Map Displays the World Map.
Return/Enter Chat Opens chat for multiplayer or entering commands (e.g. /name or /namepet).

Key Remapping[]

CubeWorld KeyRemapping.jpeg

Currently the controls cannot be remapped yet - however, you can still do this using a third-party program such as AutoHotkey. Additionally, game controllers like Logitech have freely downloadable controller profiling software.