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Color codes are the system that Cube World uses to show the tiers of different entities, such as gear, NPCs, locations, and mobs.

Color codes/Tiers of Mobs[]

There are 7 (?) tiers or colors used for Mobs: White, Green (?), Blue, Yellow (?), Orange, Red, and Purple

Since there is no "XP-based" level system in the current version of Cube World, and stats such as HP and MP are controlled by your gear, this means that the tier of a mob is also based on what stats a player's gear is providing.


Mobs with a white color code are the lowest tier. Usually, they represent the neutral mobs, such as the farm-type animals, which will never become aggressive towards the player. They often have an HP of 150 to 250 and can be handled by a single player with the default starting gear of their class without excessive difficulty.


Mobs with a blue color code are the second-lowest tier. They represent a "fair fight" to the player and will become aggressive when close by. However, with low quality gear, players might find these enemies are quite difficult to dispose of on their own.


Mobs with an orange color code are the mid-tier. They are definitely somewhere above the current stats of the player, and start to enter a damage range where getting one-shot is possible. Players may find that they are not able to do much damage to this tier of enemies.


Mobs with a red color code are high-tier mobs. They are pretty much not worth fighting as the player's gear will almost certainly not allow them to do any damage whatsoever.


Mobs with a purple color code are boss mobs. They are a special category and as such, are hard to judge their stats in relation to the player. These mobs are usually encountered during the quest-like item-fetching tasks that the players are told about by NPCs; in the current version they are sometimes responsible for dropping the item that the player is told about, ie. if the player is told about an item and encounter a mob with a purple-colored name in that map area, defeating the boss mob will reward the player with said item.