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Campsites can be found throughout the land in Cube World.

They allow the player to Sleep (provided at least one bedroll is present) and perform Crafting (provided a Campfire is present). They come in different layouts that can include bedrolls, campfires, chairs, and tents.


A campsite may have one or more of each of the following, or even none of a particular one.

  • Bedroll - Allows the player (and NPCs) to sleep
  • Campfire - A Crafting Tool (Note: all campsites will always have exactly one of these)
  • Stool - The player may sit on one, but other than that they have no function
  • Table - No function
  • Tent - Despite their similar appearance to the bedroll they currently have no function.


A Campsite

A Campsite in the Snowlands

Another Campsite

An occupied bedroll

Crafting Stations